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Inspired by consumers, driven by data

Brand Engagement

Brands struggle to measure and leverage engagement with consumers because of the variety of touch points available. Evaluating individual metrics has created some insight into performance, but the complexity of analytics offerings has yet to provide a clear understanding of what’s pushing the needle.

We’ve built sophisticated models that provide a unified understanding of brand engagement. Our models combine digital and sales activity to help clients classify drivers of strong relationships, identify their most loyal customers and measure spillover effects from marketing initiatives. We help discover potential cause and effect relationships within your business.


Consumer Journeys

Marketers have a fragmented view of how consumers come to their brand. Analyzing data sources individually does not create the linkages needed to get a holistic view.

We build robust consumer journeys that combine data sources and communicate their insights. Our consumer journeys are not static, but instead reveal dynamic brand relationships.


Marketing Optimization

As your communications evolve while in market, we capture and analyze responses while measuring any impacts on your business. Our data capture can include changes in promotions, alterations in price or product, and earned media groundswells. We analyze the impact of those changes across all the multiple stages of consumer before offering strategic recommendations to improve your business.

While there are many tools for analyzing marketing and sales data, there isn’t a single approach that answers all questions. We work with you to develop context for your marketing strategy, and then utilize the available data with appropriate models to move your business forward.


Consumer Segmentation

Traditional segmentation techniques fall short of providing real insight about modern customer behavior. Too often these segmentations are developed on legacy systems or not refreshed often enough to remain current, and describe customers from years ago.

We build segmentations and update them on increasingly short timeframes. Our segmentations are continually evolving and constantly refreshing, providing you with the most-up-to-date understanding of how consumers interact with your business.